Asia is a 5 1/2 year old chocolate labrador that loves flyball, balls, playing in the park, hiking, relaxing on the couch and even recently, dock dogs. She started flyball in March of 2007 and took to it very quickly. Her recall to flyball is a jar of peanut butter which always gets a laugh from people!

Asia has gotten her FMX (Flyball Master Excellent - 10,000 points) and is working her way towards 15,000 points. She makes sure to let everyone know how much she loves flyball when she's in the ring. She's a sassy chocolate girl that also is one of the most sensitive and loving dogs that I've ever met!


Almost to Onyx

Asia is now  7 1/2 years old and has overcome some major obstacles over the past year.  Last April, she was diagnosed with a Mast cell tumor on her right hind leg.  She had surgery to remove the mass and was out of flyball for about 4 weeks while she recovered.  In July, we noticed a large lump that appeared rather quickly on the right side of her face.  After extensive diagnostics, it was determined to be a very large oral fibrosarcoma.  She then underwent major jaw surgery to remove the majority of the top, right side of her jaw.  At that point, it was unknown if she was going to be able to return to flyball.  But, after an extensive recovery time and  slow progression back to playing with tennis balls, she attended her first flyball tournament in March of 2011.

She is now 55 points away from receiving her Onyx, which is 20,000 points.  This has been a huge goal that I have had for her.  Ironically, she will receive this at the tournament in July, exactly one year after her fibrosarcoma diagnosis.  It means so much to me to see her accomplish this and it's so wonderful to see her back playing flyball, being extremely sassy and loving every minute of it.  We enjoy every minute we have with her and hope to have her for a long time to come.  She is my girl; my very special girl that holds a huge spot in my heart. I love her very much!!  Here's to 20,000 points baby girl!!