Jenna was rescued from the Wenatchee Humane Society in April 2002 when she was approximately 2 years old. She considers herself quite the "pretty princess" and her behaviors reflect this. She loves perfume or anything that smells good. She is known to stand watch at the dryer and steal the dryer sheet so she can roll on it and smell "pretty." Jenna was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in June of 2003 so it is very important that she stays in shape and keeps her muscles toned. Because of her hip dysplasia she does not run on higher jumps so at some tournaments she is along for the moral support and fellowship. Jenna is experimenting with the sport of Dock Dogs and has yet to form an opinion about whether she wants to participate on a professional level. In her spare time she loves swimming, acting as the "play police", playing tug with Max, chasing tennis balls, and holding down the couch.

Jenna's Titles include:

FD=10/24/04 FDX=03/20/05 FDCH=10/30/05 FDCH-S=04/09/06 FDCH-G=2/24/07

Dock Dogs personal best: 7 feet

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