Skye came from a breeder outside of Indianapolis. Her owner who lived in Washington had her since she was 8 weeks old. Her owner decided Skye needed a more active home. She had a lot of energy and they didn't have the resources or the time Skye needed to be happy. I found out about Skye when she was just over a year old. She was supposed to be temporary but she fit into our family so well that she now has a permanent home with us. Skye has excelled in canine sports she is active in Flyball, Herding and Dock dogs.

Flyball - NAFA- FMX-Flyball Master Excellent Nov 2008/ FM-Flyball Master May 2008/ FD-Ch- Flyball Dog Champion Aug 2007

UFLI - Top Flight 1 May 2007

Dock Dogs- Junior level best 16' 2" avg is 13-14'

Herding - Pre Trial Tested Oct 2007

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