Tango was rescued from the Wenatchee Human Society in April 2002 when she was approximately 8 months old and was named "stray dog." She was a mess on the day we chose her --severe ear infections and a yeast infection on most of her body and NO obedience training. The Humane Society's vet talked about what a problem her health would be for her entire life and hinted toward something we won't talk about here. Our previous dog had allergy problems so we felt like we could deal with it and took her home despite the nay saying. We immediately got her into obedience lessons and on a healthy diet. Today she is allergy free and is well mannered enough that she can go to the office with mom and remains off leash the entire day.

Tango has competed in Flyball since October 2004. She also loves Dock Dogs and is a Charter Member of the Puget Sound Dock Dogs. About two years ago she also took up tracking and continues to amaze us! She has the following titles:

Dock Dogs:

Senior Title (Affiliate): 09/16/06

Senior Title (National): in process

Personal best: 19'8" on 7/27/2006 in Hillsboro, OR


FD=10/23/04, FDX=12/04/04, FDCH=12/05/04, FDCH-S=01/23/05, FDCH-G=06/04/05, FM=12/04/05, FMX=11/19/06

Topflight=9/23/06, Topflight I=9/24/06, Topflight II=9/24/06, Topflight III=5/26/07


TD (Tracking Dog) 7/29/07 in Centralia, WA

TDX - in training

VST - in training

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